Kazakhstan became very developed country since its Independent day. However, we still believe that our history is playing very important role. You can watch a movie below, for further information.

Culture and Traditions

In Kazakhstan, unlike other countries of the modern world, where ancient traditions remain in the past, it is the centuries-old way of helping to intelligently solve the most difficult problems for the Western world - from marriage and communication with relatives to relations to nature and life. For us, it is very important to respect our culture and traditions. Below you can find much more information about...


The culture of Kazakhstan is rich in historical traditions and national cultural elements. According to Kazakh traditions, the guests are fed with national Kazakh dishes and are given tea. All this takes place in the yute for the dastarkhan.


A tradition is a behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. Kazakh traditions - many representations, rituals, habits and skills of practical and public activities of Kazakhs.


The Kazakh language is part of the Kipchak subgroup of the Turkic languages. Together with the Nogai, Karakalpak and Karagashian languages, Kazakh language also refers to the Kypchak-Nogai branch. Check this page to learn Kazakh language.


Current Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a young and developing country with a rich history and traditions. What is so unique about our homeland? You can name a few facts that are rarely found in other parts of the modern world...

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